Monday, January 20, 2014

Field Prep Workers Uncover Commemorative Plaque

When Coach George decided he needed more room to stand behind the pitchers while coaching, it was time to trim the bushes near the bullpen area. And while trimming the bushes and ivy back at Saturday's work party, we discovered a commemorative plaque that had been covered up by the vegetation.

The plaque reads "In Memory of Audrey Helm Mullins Los Gatos Class of 1949."

Who is Audrey Helm Mullins, you ask?

Helm Field and Helm Gym at Los Gatos High School are named after Douglas White Helm, a legendary football, basketball and tennis coach and former principal at Los Gatos High. His daughter was Audrey Helm, who dated and later married her classmate Roy Mullins.

The Mullins had three sons who all attended Los Gatos High School. One of Audrey's grandchildren (daughter of son Dan) played and was a star pitcher for the Los Gatos softball team, graduating in 2004. Melissa pitched for LG Varsity for four years (2000-2004), but Audrey passed away before Melissa's senior year.

Audrey had attended every game Melissa played in from 2000-2003, becoming a fixture in the stands. Coaches Marlo Cortese and Trish Morse wanted to honor Audrey's dedication to the softball program by setting a memorial plaque in her honor at the softball field.

Although inadvertent, we are very happy to have uncovered the plaque and once again make it readily visible to all fans who come to a game.

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