Friday, January 2, 2015

Field Improvements to Greet Players in 2015

Following a successful fundraiser in 2014, players returning for the 2015 season will walk into a much-improved facility in 2015.

Gone is the mud, and in its place is 10 yards of rock that will make life at the field much more pleasurable for players, coaches and fans.

Rock has been layed from the foot path all the way to the equipment shed and over to the batting cage. Now, following a rain, we will not have to sludge around in the mud for three days. And stepping stones were added to the dugout entrance to replace the plywood and rubber mat.

Plans are also underway to cover the bullpen, which will allow workouts to be held during the rain. Not only will pitchers be able to throw, ground balls can also be fielded in the enclosure, and whiffle balls can be hit.

The batting cage lights have been repaired, and the cage will also be tarped to allow use during most rain storms. No more canceled practices due to rain.

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